“You must have a strong belief in yourself, begin to appreciate and acknowledge you can do things…”

We all go into business with an aim to succeed. Success can be quantified based on your aim of running the business. Normally when we go into business, we have high hopes and strongly believe to succeed but there are two things that can kill your business in a short time:

Fear and Lack of Plan/Focus

I define fear as a mental abnormality and a bugaboo that lies in the mind of its victim. Fear can grip you so hard and control every onemof your actions in such a way that you will hardly have your own mind. The effect of fear on the human mind is like that of a virus on a computer system, when it enters it begins to plant a doubt on all your ideas and aspirations.

It will move on to modifying your ideas to accommodate the doubts that come with it (there and then you will lose courage to do any challenging task). It achieves this by beclouding your mind with false hope, duplicating/modifying your ideas and replacing your ideas with mediocre ones.

You could finally become as useless as a virus infested computer system and may eventually crash like a hard disk. On the other hand, lack of plan/focus in business is like driving a car without steering. You can imagine where that will get you! When you run a business without a plan you let the business drive itself.

To avoid failure in your business You have to take preventive/corrective measures to battle fear in your life. You must have a strong belief in yourself, begin to appreciate and acknowledge you can do things, then surround yourself with positive-minded and courageous people.

Study KIDS and emulate their never ENTREPRENEURSHIPsay die attitude in everything you do.

You also must start taking charge of your business by determining the direction it goes. Outline your objectives, write down an action plan , set targets and pursue them vigorously. You can only do that if you have your map which is your plan

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