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By Efua Hagan


The Art of Balance


African print can be busy and commonly feature many colors. Here are some fashion guidelines for men and women to consider when wearing African print that will bring taste and balance to your look.


  • Pair a busy print with a solid neutral to balance your look. Neutrals are a chain of colors that can be matched to any other color and, to each other. Examples include beige, black, white, gray, dark blue, khaki, ivory, tan, brown, or dark blue.
  • Repeat one color. For instance if your shirt has purple and orange, match it with blue trousers.
  • A simple, effective way of wearing African print well is to break it with a solid color. This can be achieved if you wear the same print twice in different items, for example a bow tie and shoes for men, or a skirt and scarf for women. Complete this simple look by wearing solid white or neutral pieces.


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