Let me start this with a confession. We have reached a point
in the production of our magazine where the only option
left for us is to close down this business and move on to
something else. The reason is simple. The business model of
producing a high quality magazine that is distributed free is just
not sustainable solely through advertisers. Many magazines
and media houses have closed doors after us for the same
reason. It is not by merit that we have maintained ourselves in
the market for almost eight years now. It is just by pure passion
but passion alone, unfortunately, does not pay bills.
At this stage we are often tempted to reduce on the quality and
standards of this magazine and offer a shoddy work that does
not reflect quality, we could even stop our work on social media
platforms where we compliment and complain on service
providers, we could also sell copies of the magazines etc.
William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted writers
of inspirational maxims wrote, “The price of excellence is
discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.”
For all institutions that have been striving to be excellent and
maintain quality products and services, it is discipline that helps
them to move on. Discipline not to accept mediocrity, discipline
to push oneself to refuse mediocrity. Discipline to challenge
one to always be/do better than yesterday. The discipline to be
competitive with the person we were yesterday.
And it is because of this zeal for discipline and excellence that
we are extremely proud to feature in this issue ITM Africa,
a training company that has disciplined itself throughout
many years in Africa as a global human resource company
that provides a full Business Process Improvement package
composed of recruitment, training, coaching, capacity building,
labor hire services and procurement solutions.
Over these past eight years of publishing this magazine, one
of the biggest lessons we have learnt is that it is okay to be
vulnerable. Yes we are vulnerable today and our operations can
stop anytime. It is in these moments that we know to stretch
and grow, one should absolutely spend some time learning to
be vulnerable.
It is not often well regarded to ask for help, it shows our
limits but we have also known that the ability to ask for help,
admit you do not understand something, and confessing your
challenges should be a set of values that many high achievers
completely embrace.
So before we close our doors, we are asking you all to help
us sustain this publication, as Rwanda still needs to improve
its services. It is true we have come a long way as a country
to the level of service we see today, but we are not there yet.
Improving customer service is still a necessity and sensitizing
for it needs to continue.
Enjoy the reading and as usual, we will be happy to read your
feedback and suggestions.
We thank you all for your continued support.

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