The Magical and Dreaded Process in Sales
By Martin Kairu

Many sales men are scared of asking, whether it is for business or for anything they want from their client. They are scared of asking and they don’t even know they are. Sales people are a confident lot of people. They look for strangers every day, and present themselves, their company and their product to the strangers. There is a term for these strangers- Prospects. While a prospect is one who is likely to purchase your service or product. From the total population you zeroed on this prospect for particular reasons of, he may have or look or you have heard they have the money. You may believe they have need for your product.

So we go and meet the prospect and we present ourselves, our company and service, the prospect raises issues why he doesn’t believe he wants to buy from us and we answer this objections and the customer is satisfied. At this point most sales people will thank the customer, set up another appointment with them and leave. What`s wrong with this picture. Why were we in the prospects office, defiantly we went there to sell or rather to put it boldly get the business. We have done everything required of us except the one most important thing.

Asking the prospect to move from being a prospect to being a client. We need to ask the client to pay for our service, product, ask him to sign on the dotted line. When someone says no to you, it is one of the most emotional distressing moment. One vital characteristic of sales professional is being able to control their states. So the client has said no, well How you take that is entirely up to you, how that affects your emotions is a choice entirely up to you. The client or for that matter anyone else in this world has no capability to influence your emotional state, your emotional state is a domain of your control.

When a prospect says no many sales people choose to get disappointed, annoyed or any of the other negative emotions. So prospect has said no, this may be as a result of a few reasons. You may not have linked your products value to the customer’s needs, there may be no need for your services or products (this means you made an error in the early stages and you could have avoided this no). So the customer has said NO!, as a sales professional you need to move on, let this no not affect your next sale. Your emotional state will dictate how you will treat not only the next sales presentation, even the others. The lingering fear of a rejection holds you back to asking for the business. To avoid No there are a number of things you need to have done right from the initialization of the sale.

The author is an NLP Master Practitioner/ Trainer/NLP Coach.
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