I recently read the story of Prof Haben Girma, an internationally acclaimed accessibility leader and the first Deaf-Blind Student to graduate from Harvard Law School. She is now working as attorney at Disability Rights Advocates and earned recognition as a White House “Champion of Change”, Forbes 30 under 30 leader, and BBC Women of Africa Hero.

Her message to the disabled is this; “You have the power to influence your future. Keep learning, keep developing new ways to engage with the world, and keep believing that you have talents to share with the world.”

December is already here and as usual, time to review the year and plan for next year. It is also at this time that we usually blame circumstances for not reaching our goals.

Rather than blaming circumstances and other people, it is important to acknowledge our shortcomings, plan and correct them. While some like Haben Girma will go beyond their disability, many, without any form of disability, will look for excuses.

It is said that a goal or wish without a plan is just a simple wish. As tomorrow is already gone, plan correctly for next year and give yourself the tools that will help you reach your targets.

Our individual willpower and attitude will determine our success because we all have the capacity to go beyond our limitations, our challenges, our misfortunes, our limitations. Look within yourself and find the courage and strength to believe you can do whatever you plan to do. You have what it takes. Do not belittle your talents and capacity.

As we end 2016, we are extremely happy to feature Bank of Kigali’s 50th anniversary. What a milestone! We wish the management, staff and customers joyful celebrations.

In this 21st century, the banking sector has grown and changed and customers are often more concerned with banking efficiency than the usual in-branch experiences. Online banking tools, including the ability to move money between accounts and to pay bills online, are examples. Cashless economy, ATMs and mobile banking are additional options banks often have to provide to customers looking for efficient and dynamic services.

As we analyse the banking sector in Rwanda in this special focus, we will also like to thank the banks that have supported this production. As you may be aware, without these partners, our magazine will simply die since it has no other source of revenue.

Let me also thank all our readers who constantly support us in our low and high moments and have encouraged us to keep the magazine running. Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas season and a wonderful 2017. Believe you can and make 2017 an enriching and exciting year!


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