On 1st May which is the ‘International Labor Day’ BRD rewarded the company’s most exemplary employees for an outstanding performance. The ServiceMag’s Runanira Richmond talked to BRD’s Marketing Manager and a couple of them about what the rewards mean to them. Below are the excerpts.

What is BRD and what are your core objectives as a development Bank?

The Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) has a share capital of Rwf7.8 billion and 45 years in operation and provides long term and medium finance solutions. BRD has a vision to be the leader of productive investment and the most profitable bank at the service of poverty reduction. It also has a mission to become the government’s arm by financing the nation’s development objectives with a focus on the priority sectors of the economy.

BRD’s core objectives include;

• Providing finance development, for priority economic sectors as defined by the government, which are: Agriculture and Livestock; Exportation; Tourism; ICT; Energy and water; Health and education and Small infrastructures.

• Provide equity investments; to stimulate the development of new firms able to participate in Rwanda’s economic development;

• Promote exports to reverse the trade deficit and increase Rwanda’s stability to invest in its development

• Refinance microfinance institutions and professional associations

• Facilitate technical assistance to financed companies, microfinance associations and other stakeholders to enhance sustainability.

BRD operates in all sectors of productive investment which generate added value and create employment. In its credit policy, priority is given to the new technologies and export oriented projects.

With a priority field of intervention that covers ten areas:

Agriculture and livestock, manufacturing industry, education and health care, energy and water, hotel and tourism, ICT, transport and related facilities, exports, real estate, microfinance. While the products and facilities offered include investment financing and retail financing along with the BRD subsidiaries (BDF & Kinazi Cassava Plant).

“Its relevance to the institution is that BRD motivates its staff hence improving staff morale (loyalty)… We are all proud to be part of the team! “

Prossie Kalisa Marketing Manager, BRD

Tell us about the awarding event and process and what it means for the institute.

Its been on going only annually but this time we made it quarterly. Basically the event brings together 166 employees from our all seven departments. Each department nominates two employees. The criteria stems from five corporate values which include; customer handling, positive attitude, knowledge of the bank, schedule adherence “service charter” and physical corporate appearance.

We have a CUSTOMER CARE COMMITTEE (champions) who keep track of the nominated employees by monitoring and evaluating their performance for a given time.

This committee selects only 3 of the best, while the remaining 11 receive a commendation letter from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and some give-aways . In quarter one the best employees included; The CEO’s Personal Assistant, the Credit Risk Manager and an IT officer.

Its relevance to the institution is that BRD motivates its staff hence improving staff morale (loyalty). I can assure you anyone who comes to BRD as an employee would never wish to leave because of its good working environment. We are all proud to be part of the team!

Why do you think this employee awarding practice is important?

Having held the event on ‘Labor Day’, it even reminds other employees to work harder and earn a vote of recognition and appreciation by their fellow employees but also develop a sense of motivation, of working for an institution like BRD.

NDIHOKUBWAYO ESPERANCE Personal Assistant to CEO, Best Employee quarter one 2012

I value punctuality and I have never been late since I joined BRD. I help out customers even if the time for serving them is past, I feel its my line of duty. Basically I serve every one seeking service whether externally or internally. I am appreciative to my colleagues for acknowledging my efforts may be I was not aware of it, but after the nomination and the winning I was surprised to see how my fellow employees embrace my simple hospitality

PETER RWAMBARA Credit Risk Manager, 2nd Best

This award means a lot to me, motivates me as an employee but also strengthens my relationship with those I serve. As a credit risk manager I interact with many clients who seek loans. Some clients can really give a hard time but usually I try my best to explain and communicate all the ‘twists and turns’ involved in acquiring a loan and even why the load could have been denied and then arrive to a conclusion that is satisfactory to the client.

” my fellow colleagues count on me and when things work out I get highly motivated. “

KAYUMBA THIERRY IT Officer, 3rd Best

My motivation comes from the fact that I walk from office to office interacting with my fellow colleagues giving a hand full of solutions to problems arising from technical failures and also educating them about possible lead to the failures. It gives me a feeling that my fellow employees count on me and when things work out I get highly motivated


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