I must start with a confession. I am a difficult person to work with. I am too demanding on the details. I expect people to keep the promises they make no matter how insignificant they may seem. I go wild when people do not honor their word.

This may be considered a weakness on my part, since people I deal with often feel I am harassing them, however, reliability is an admirable social trait. Unfortunately, it needs to be reinforced in our society today because it is getting harder to find reliable people to work with. I find more people who do not no keep eople their promises. Many don’t even know that reliability can help them build or ruin their personal and organizational reputation.

A reliable person is trustworthy, predictable, dependable, responsible, upright, unfailing, accurate etc. Reliability is required in any long-term relationship and is highly required if you want your customers to trust your products or services. As we usher in 2013 with many new resolutions, make reliability one of your personal goals for the New Year. Start by building a track record of doing what you have promised you will do. You will benefit from this because reliability builds trust. A business that has the reputation of being reliable or making reliable products will definitely get repeat, new business and great referrals.

We end 2012 with the interesting cover story on Inyange Industries, one of the most reliable and respected manufacturing companies in Rwanda. It has not been easy, but they are still on track and ready to offer customers quality products that meet their needs.

We also have interesting articles in our regular sections such as” For You Manager”, “Where we have been”, “Ask our Lawyer” etc. If you wish to contribute with a thought provoking article, you are more than welcome to join our team of 80 contributors from all over the world.

As we celebrate our third year anniversary, we wish to thank our partners for supporting us because without them, we wouldn’t be able to publish the online version and print 5000 copies of this educative magazine, quarterly and offer it free in the whole country. We thank our dear readers for your constant feedback, suggestions, critics that have made us improve each single issue. It is difficult to measure the impact of this magazine on service delivery in Rwanda but we strongly believe we are making an impact on the knowledge and behavior of our readers.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very productive 2013 full of growth in all aspects of your lives.

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