University….Degree….Good job….Easy life?

In a though provoking article, student Arnold Kwizera makes a case for change in attitude

I am a first year university student and have just recently returned to my motherland (Rwanda). On my return to the land of a thousand hills I have rather been disappointed by the attitude towards work by my peers. Most of them want to work, true.

But, very few if any are willing to set up their own businesses. It has come to my notice that the youth of Rwanda all think of getting their university studies done and then get a white-collar job, a fairytale ending I would say. Going by the increased competition for the few white-collar jobs available, Rwandan youth are set to face a big problem of unemployment unless such attitude is changed.

Question is, “How do we change this attitude?”

1.    I think we should start with our parents/leaders/Guardians/Elders who view certain things differently. Such aspects include upbringing. The majority of today’s university youth have been brought up in the, “housemaid” era, thus spend more time in the hands of strangers which usually results into loads of laziness due to the spoon-feeding which in the long run doesn’t groom an individual to think outside the box, thus rendering no creativity.

2.    The YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle, so many of today’s youth think about living life for the moment (no stress) and won’t think after life after university which in turn tends to him them by surprise when reality strikes hard.

I’m a Rwandan youth myself and know that only a change in our attitude is the way out of this emerging problem.

Arnold Kwizera

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