Customers consider every officer a representative of the company. You are your company therefore a good first impression starts a positive relationship with your customers. On the other hand, a poor first impression may end the relationship right there. It is vital for the service provider not to make any assumptions about customers such as judging them by their appearance or how they speak.


A smile is the most simple and often the most powerful tool in customer service. However, service providers should ensure they smile genuinely all the time, a plastic smile is easily spotted. Eye-contact and a natural smile will help the customer to feel at ease and welcomed.


Listening is one of the most effective tools of customer service. A service provider who does not listen to clients leaves them frustrated and may easily lose a sale or a repeat visit. Listen to the customer’s needs, empathize and find the best solutions.


I believe that an investment in your knowledge will always be useful. Always be in a position to learn and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various products you sell and the products that suit the different customers. A service provider should know more about the business than the customer does and be able to answer questions about the business or the organization even if they are not related to their specific department.

In addition, service should be offered quickly and feedback provided as fast as possible.

Christian Salifou

Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking Group

Guaranty Trust Bank (Rwanda) Ltd

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