Due to the on-going issue of customer service in Rwanda, there is need of a great support from all areas of the country in order to get things done in a right way. May be there is an effort somewhere, but a lot more is needed.

Organizations need to come together and unite in spreading the word of improving the services in our nation. Meeting with the mass population can help to sort out these issues effectively because some of the big companies are trying to do the best while others are not at all.


There’s great support needed for the media to spread and talk about the service delivery improvements on a daily basis. Programs on Customer care services to be on Radio, TV every type of media and inspection teams to follow up and see to it that this is being done and implemented. Company Tool/Products needed to be offered must be available in all the companies as long as they have promised to deliver and produce those items. Visiting some rural areas and spreading the news, Customer service classes to be introduced from Primary School Levels to high levels of education which students will always grow up with and in time reduce the issues which are on going. Task forces to be given enough support and tool kits to make sure all is being done and spread accordingly.


Effective communications on making people alert and informing them on what is happening so we can make a great change. Books, Magazines, Daily News papers and all possible ways to call upon citizen and make them read and understand the importance of the Customer. Making them know how much this can affect Rwanda and what it can bring if done right. To work as a big team to succeed for one goal. Volunteering and sacrificing for tomorrows better future. Free training courses to be given to those who are ready to listen and implement. Some people are ready and willing but cannot afford to pay for the trainings. Training sponsored by big companies or government institutions through trainers will help a lot to succeed. 


Customer care task forces or RDB to ensure that the service providers have well and enough equipments, tools and qualified staff in their working environments. Otherwise, most services fail or delay when customers wait for so long due to some reason of service providers using old equipments, insufficient machines, unskilled labor because they might be having certain relationships, management team or staff having jealousy among themselves creating team work spirit failing to be created, not having proper responsibilities to follow and implement. 


Service providers sometimes do not give enough support to the end users to polish up and deliver the best services as planned or promised to the customers. Sensitizing and training plans and scheduled to be adhered. After trainings, most service providers do not follow up on what trainings changed to the staff so they can provide more trainings or tool kits to follow up for the best service deliveries and improvements. Getting advises, suggestions from workforce and understanding the role of the human labor (team) that are mostly spending time in operations and service deliveries, and by the way, they do the most work. 


No motivation for the workforce, entertainment for them in a while, employee of the month rewards, recognitions and appreciation is never given by most service providers (owners or managers), how do they expect the workers to promote Customer Services when they can not provide, respect and appreciate the staff.


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