There was once a time when retail banking was a breeze for the bankers. It looked that way at least. Everyone who wanted to tap into formal financial services or needed to put money away (all those people who had formal jobs) was obliged to approach any of the registered financial institutions and start a relationship with them.

Then the economy changed, and, in the heels of that transformation, technology came and triggered even further adjustments to the way people handle money. People don’t need to visit a bank anymore. Those that do are not obliged to have any sort of face to face relationship with their banker, in fact most of the Rwandese are getting used to this.

So, it’s a bit of a no-brainer that all banks should invest into e-banking services. The latest to make that inevitable commitment has been Ecobank Rwanda.

Ecobank’s has a simple strategy and the bank’s Head of Commercial & Consumer banking, Mr. Wilfrid Bocco lays it out. Through all these plastic money alternatives, the bank gets to increase their customer’s access to their accounts, and if you tie this in with a RSwitch or Visa relationship and other No-Need-To-Ask modern day banking add-ons like internet banking and online transfers, Ecobank is keeping up with the rest of the pack of innovations to drive the cashless Economy in Rwanda.

In the past years, Ecobank has launched a series of visa and Master card products like Ecobank Premier Cards (Gold & Platinum), prepaid cards, Visa classic cards. These are meant to cater for a diverse clientele, even though it’s a bit ironic that Ecobank is going smooth on these debit card services, it has also gone the Extra mile to have

Travelling cards easy for its customers on the – go to use, these are the Ecobank CashXpress, the bank’s prepaid card.

These CashXpress cards do not need an account to have one, you only need to load cash and stay on the go, they are easy to use since they are just like any other card and are visa compliant and can be used on over 24 Million POS worldwide. That is why we have managed to partner with Rwandair, the countries only carrier in delivering these cards to its clients. Says Marie LOUISE – Ecobank Head of Electronic banking.

Wilfrid Bocco goes ahead and explains the benefits of these cards to not only their customers but also for the rest of the banked and unbanked populations. Take a look at our POS machines, we have now invested in the latest machines which are faster and lighter, this helps a client make payments in any of their favorite shops or cafes without having to carry cash. This does not only stop from here, but our clients can also make online payments using their cards.

To make this convenient and accessible by every new customer, Ecobank put in place an Instant carding service, where you can receive your card in lest than 5 minutes. Which removes the old ways of having to wait for 2 or 3 weeks to have your card delivered to you. Ecobank’s mobile platform called the Ecobank-Mobile is one good step ahead to keep you banked 24/7 with numerous services offered.

Ecobank is one of those banks that deliver quality customer service and know a client’s needs right from the entrance. The bank is here to drive the latest  technology in banking and promote a cashless economy for all.

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