Geometric patterns cut across both fashion design and interior décor, and have the ability to enhance visual interest. They are becoming increasingly popular, and when correctly applied, this trend can be a great way to give any room or outfit a modern and unique touch. A successful design is all about understanding which elements should play a dominant role and which should play a subtle role.

Too many patterns in an outfit or room will be overwhelming, leaving no place for one’s eyes to rest. Therefore, let your geometric patterns play more of an accent role than a dominant role.

For example, in interior décor, consider choosing one or two items with patterns to tie the overall look together. The following items can feature geometric patterns: pillows and blankets, table lamp shades, wall art, or a rug. In fashion, use patterns to draw attention to a particular aspect of your outfit. For example, a necklace, belt or shoes.


What to remember when choosing a geometric pattern

  1. Choose one that complements your currentcolor scheme
  2. Ensure you choose a proportionate print that won’t overpower the size of the room or outfit
  3. Always make sure you choose a design that evokes positivity when you look at it.


Children’s wear


Bedside lamp

Place mats

Document holder

Evening bag

African print bags

Agenda holder


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