Victor opened a new business that did exceptionally well the first few months. It was the place to be for most young people in his area.

But then, sales began to drop considerably and paying suppliers and employees became a real challenge until he had no option but to close the place. After this, Victor failed to get over it. He lives in the past and has found it difficult to accept the situation and move on.

Like Victor, many continue to live in the past, reviewing their mistakes. The good news is that mistakes, even big ones, don’t have to leave a permanent mark on your business, career, life etc. We all make mistakes and need to learn from them and move on.

But before you can move forward, it is important that you own your mistake. Do not blame others; acknowledge your role, review what you could have done better. As you focus on the future, what will you do differently going forward?

You will need to change some habits and ways of doing things if you want to avoid making the same mistakes again. As Albert Einstein says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Don’t waste time on the many yesterdays that have gone by which you do not have control over anymore. Today is more important; it will shape and determine your tomorrow.

Take lessons so that your tomorrow will be better. Being in business is not easy, every single aspect of it is important – Human Resources, Sales, IT, Finance, Legal etc. And we hope that this magazine will provide the knowledge you need to prepare for a better tomorrow.

Banque Commerciale du Rwanda commonly known as BCR is 50 years and we are extremely delighted to feature them as our cover story of this
issue. Additionally, we are bringing you stories of three women who
have been bold enough to ventured into agribusiness, a sector usually reserved for men.

In our last survey, customers voted for 13 companies in different sectors. We thank all our readers who participated in this survey and guests who attended the award ceremony held at The Gorilla Golf Hotel in Kigali.

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Enjoy the reading and move on!

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