Headache or pain in the head is one of the most common medical complaints for which people seek medical treatment. It is also a common reason for workers to abstain from office or seek medical rest.

No age is exempt from headache, though causes vary as per the age. Men and women are both affected by it.

Eye strain is a very common cause for headache in office workers. Working for long hours on the computer commonly leads to eye strain causing headache. Over time, the eyes may become weak necessititating use of eye glasses for improving impaired vision.

Due to stress at work place, many people develop tension headaches. It can be due to both physical as well as emotional stress. Working on computers for a long time or doing work involving much concentration for long hours also tends to precipitate tension headache. Both men and women of any age can suffer from tension headache. This type of headache is said to occur due to spasm of the muscles around the head due to stress.

Cluster headache is another type of headache induced by stress. It is more common in young ambitious, tense men. The individual is usually awakened from sleep by severe headache. The pain is excruciating and located around eyes and or on forehead. The eyes may become red and watering may occur from eyes. There may be associated running of nose or stuffed nose. Cluster headache as the name suggests tend to occur in clusters. One may get episodes of headache for days together and then remain symptom free for a long time. Each episode of headache may last from 1 to 3, 4 hours.

Migraine is yet another form of headache caused by mental tension and anxiety. It is more common in young women. It is said to be due to narrowing of the blood Headache is a nuisance in a work place vessels due to stress. Here, the headache is severe throbbing in character and mostly one sided. It is associated with nausea, vomiting and photophobia.

Mostly an average office worker spends 8 to 10 hours daily, sitting at a desk. This prolonged inactivity along with lack of fiber in diet makes him more prone to constipation.

Chronic constipation and indigestion by itself can lead to sense of heaviness over the head. People working in offices are more susceptible to hypertension due to undue stress and anxiety. Hypertension can cause a headache, which is throbbing in character and mostly located over sides of the head.

Some women suffer from headache regularly just before menstruation. But this headache occurs periodically and subsides spontaneously after menstruation starts. Sleep deprivation due to working late in the night can also cause headache in a person. But after getting good sleep, he will feel fresh and comfortable.

The use of alcohol and cigarettes is known to induce and aggravate headache. Headache may seem to be a minor complaint, but one affected suffers much. He or she also has to take rest if the headache is severe, thus affecting productivity both of the individual and institution.

If an individual has headache once in a while, he can take a pain killer and rest. But if it is regular and periodic, he should seek medical advice and take specific treatment. People should be aware of these types of headache and take preventive measures to remain free from headache.

The author is a Specialist Internal medicineRuhengeri Hospital

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