Created in 2011 in Lubumbashi – DRC
by Mr. Monga Sylva, ITM started mainly
as a training company registered as
‘International Training & Motivation s.a.r.l.’
with the aim to achieve organizations’
success through staff motivation.
Following exceptional service delivery,
expertise and professionalism, ITM Africa
Ltd became the icon of human resource
solutions. The brand quickly expanded
in various regions of DRC then South
Africa. ITM Africa Ltd opened its doors
to Rwanda in the beginning of 2017 with
a vision to make Kigali the hub of East
African operations while expanding to
several other regions of Africa by 2018.
ITM Africa is a global human resource
company that provides a full Business
Process Improvement package
composed of recruitment, training,
coaching, capacity building, labor hire
services, business process outsourcing
as well as logistics and procurement
solutions. Our organization is known
for its effectiveness and efficiency,
especially in the recruitment of qualified
and competent candidates in various
areas (mining, agro-industry, banking,
telecom, hospitality, construction, retail,
exhibitions and many other commercials
ITM Africa is currently employing over
2000 well-trained and motivated agents
in several areas of our regional network.
Our Mission: Ensuring the total
satisfaction of employees and employers
• For Employers; Optimizing their
development in human capital
• For Employees; Fostering personal
and professional fulfillment in a
dynamic career management



About Mr. Sylva Monga

Congolese by decent, Mr. Monga was raised in Germany and
undertook his early education in Rwanda in Mudende Sector in the
Western Province.
He studied Business Administration there after, he went to Germany.
After gaining working experience there, Monga returned to Africa in
2011 to establish ITM in DRC.
Today, the company has expanded to South Africa and Rwanda and
will soon open offices in Angola, Congo Republic, Gabon and Central
Africa Republic.
Monga has a strong admiration of Rwanda, highly complementing
the effective Rwandan leadership and peacefulness the country
He acknowledges that Rwanda has a population with a big vision
which ITM wants to be a part of



Speaking in an exclusive interview with The ServiceMag in August, the company’s founder Sylva Monga
shared his insights on ITM’s vision of enabling the many Rwandan youth acquire permanent jobs in the
short term and how ITM intends to open Africa’s borders. 

Below are the excerpts:

TSM: Kindly take us through the history of ITM.
Monga: ITM is an African concept, which we see in terms of
Africa growing. We can’t grow without qualified man-power.
When I came back to Africa from Germany, my idea was to
create a very big company with well-educated staff.
I started it in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the
vision that it would grow to one of the biggest companies in
the region.
After DRC, we opened in South Africa and are now in Rwanda.
TSM: So what do you do at ITM?
Monga: We are labor brokers also involved in logistics and
procurement. This means that we bring lots of solutions to
companies depending on their needs.
TSM: What kind of labor do you recruit?
Monga: From sweepers to managing directors. We look at
every kind of staff from around the world. It depends on how
much money a company is putting on the table to recruit and
the qualifications they need.
TSM: Rwanda is a country with youth comprising the larger
part of its population, many of whom are unemployed.
What are your plans for them now that you are here?
Monga: My target is to have over 1,000 youths in Rwanda
recruited and placed in different companies just as we did in
DRC. We started with eight people and today we have over
2,000 people.
They all have permanent jobs and have constantly been
receiving trainings from us. Our approach is to have highly
skilled professionals everywhere. We offer each of our recruits
free training when we recruit them for a company.
Every year, we choose a certain number of trainings for our
different employees to undertake.
TSM: How do you maintain the relationship with the new
Monga: When we recruit someone for a company, he or she
automatically becomes a member of our family. The employer
sends us a percentage of the person’s salary every month
and we have a responsibility of training them and improving
their skills and experiences so as to enable them to grow professionally overtime.

We focus the trainings on areas they are weak in such
as customer service, time management,
and ethics to mention but a few.
ITM owns the 370 module whose
courses cover everything. The trainings
are intensive in that people are trained
for eight hours per day compared to a
university where one can have only one
lecture per day.
TSM: What are your plans for
Monga: ITM Rwanda is a Rwandan
company managed by and has a team of
only Rwandans.
We plan to embrace new technologies as
Rwanda is looking to becoming an ICTbased
economy and contribute to the
development of this country.
Our plans in Rwanda are long term and
our vision is that in the next few years
we shall not be restricted by geographical
borders but have one Africa.
My idea is to have all youths know that
they can start from somewhere and
grow from that point.
TSM: You speak of having one Africa
but labor mobility is a big issue in
many countries today. How are you
working to overcome this challenge
such that Rwandans are able to work
anywhere on the continent?
Monga: I trust African young people and
I am committed to continue investing in
them, in their skills, in a few more years,
this company will have people employed
here and beyond.
TSM: Lastly, ITM is finding other
human resource companies in the
market and competition is becoming
stiff. How do you intend to come on
Monga: ITM sets itself apart through its
high quality of work. Our workers in any
company perform in the best way and
strive to maintain our number one spot.


About Ms Lys Mwiza

I grew up in Rwanda. I studied at the Adventist University of Central
to Kigali Independent University and later at Oklahoma Christian
My career journey started in DHL where I joined as a customer
service agent at a very young age when I was just starting University.
This was the foundation that pushed me to aspire for career growth
mainly in the service industry.
I was then recruited by Bank of Kigali to join their customer service
team. I progressively developed my career in the bank from entry
level to Premier Banking Manager. Working for one of the largest
organizations in Rwanda made me understand that the value of
quality work delivery; understanding customer needs and adapting
products and services to their needs can have a tremendous impact
on their daily lives and businesses. It has since become my passion
and my vision could not have been better than joining ITM Africa.
The opportunity to join the group as Country Manager for Rwanda
has given me the pleasure to enjoy this new HR dynamism; seeing
people entrust us with their career future and the efforts we make
to help them achieve this goal, assuring businesses that we have
the best solutions to enhance their growth, keeps our Rwandan
team motivated and geared to a brighter future


ITM in sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

ITM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is well adaptable in Rwanda. ITM intends to start contributing funds every
month to support genocide widows and orphans around the country.
ITM believes that by being a part of rebuilding their lives from scratch, the beneficiaries stand to serve more towards the
development of the country.
Their second contribution to the community is improving careers and building capacity of the youth.
ITM Africa Ltd has signed an MOU with the City of Kigali Employment Service Center for Mentorship programs, apprenticeship
programs, internship and pre-selection for vacancies of successful candidates.

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