You sit on this cue for hours then the official leaves you there saying going for a meeting, ‘Mujye I remera..’ When you get there, the one there says ‘Ngiye munama muzagaruke ejo mugitondo’, you get there in the morning, he does a few errands not even remembering he told people to come back in the morning, then he leaves saying… ‘Ngiye Munama mujye kimihurura…’ Man!



Give us options MTN!

Could MTN explain why it reserves the right to publish news on our phones without giving them an option of being able to stop them if they don’t need them or accept to continue receiving them? They should also take a look at what they publish first.



Wake up KCB!

So disappointed with KCB! I thought they were the best in the region but they keep on proving me wrong! I don’t like complaining but this is too much.  So I was trying to purchase a ticket online using my visa card and it kept failing, I assumed it was because check in was almost starting. I called Rwandair and they told me to just go to their sales office at the airport and purchase my ticket, and when I got there I gave them by booking reference and the sales lady asked the mode of payment, I said I will use my visa. To my surprise, she asked if I had insufficient funds on my card. I told her that as not possible because I was sure I had money on my card. We tried so many times and got the same response that I had insufficient balance. I tried withdrawing from the ATM machine at the airport, same result. So I called my bank and they said they were having problems with their system, and they could see I had more than enough money to purchase the ticket! They said I should try in 10minutes they are going to fix it. Kept trying but got the same result! I missed my flight because I couldn’t purchase a ticket because my bank was having issues.
Why do they ask for my phone number and e-mail when I am opening up my account? When do they use it? An e-mail or text message should be sent to their costumers informing us that the system is down. If I had known earlier I would have gone to the bank or gotten a plan b.
Not only did I miss my flight, I wasted my time, I had to cancel my very important appointment and I looked a fool in front of the sales office as the girl who didn’t have enough funds, when I had!

  1. Visa card
    When I opened my account at KCB I requested for check and Visa card. They charged me 6 USD for the card, I paid for it and they told me within a week or two I should have it. I went back to ask for my card and they told me sometimes it can take to one month. I waited for more than a month (mind you no one ever called me to give me an update or apologize, I was always the one to go and ask for an update) then they advised me to buy another visa card for 6 USD (total 12 USD ) but they said they would reimburse me 6 USD. I requested for the second card on 3rd November got the card but have not received the 6 USD from KCB.
    Very disappointed!






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