I have an issue with loan management officers who mislead people (maybe expecting something) and so doing they discourage clients from doing businesses and deprive their employers of these transactions.‬‬‬


I’m very happy with the cashiers and the branch manager of BK Pension Plaza. Most of them are smiling, willing to help and to find solutions. They make me feel special. If they got a briefing, they have done well, if it is natural, keep it up. Lyliose Nduhungirehe


I would like a discussion on interest rates and credit access problems especially the time it takes to get a loan, and maybe how the banking industry is evolving into a regional financial hub, with all the constraints and the stifling banking legislation.‬‬‬‬ Emmanuel Murangira


Twice I have withdrawn money from a BK ATM with a GTBank card and I have been charged 2,000 francs in addition to the usual 400frw. Can someone from BK or GTB explain please? Bench Kajyambere


I am tired of the excuses and wastage of time from bankers. The following are common:

1. Sorry the network is slow

2. Come to the headquarters and we go through it (when you have asked for new check book via email).

In addition, the front desk is often manned by young people who do not represent the bank. @YvanMunye


I would like to request fellow clients to respect the queue and privacy of the clients at the counter. Bank staff and security should also be vigilant in enforcing these to protect their clients. We experience this in all Rwandan banks without any exception. ‬‬

Some banks do not have funds transfer forms, you have to write a letter requesting an electronic transfer or sometimes the client is told to withdraw the money and make the deposit in the other bank themselves. After a 20 minutes wait to get to the teller, before you can explain what you would like them, he/she will say “system is not working!” Why weren’t clients informed of that while they waited? Additionally, it takes 48 hours to credit an account post payment or more over the weekend, in other countries, there is no need to wait.



The cashless infrastructure fails more than it works, and they charge us for using it. And banks here do not invest in improving it.

Our banks need sufficient real estate to provide bigger banking halls. Most have one big banking hall, which is at Headquarters and the rest of the branches are pocket-sized.

If by charging for cashless moves the banks would like clients to go to other branches, then they should provide big enough branches in more locations.

I thought that by getting only a corner shop for a branch, the banks were encouraging us to be cashless. Well then, why do they sap our money with fees?

Banking in RW is neither here nor there. Your branches could all fit in the back of a pickup, that doesn’t show any commitment to the market.

Why can’t banks hire enough staff to operate all the tills? To me, that shows a lack of seriousness about banking in Rwanda. It is disheartening.

If daily failures of your ATM network are common place, then customer satisfaction is unimportant to you.

It is rare that one needs to go to the post office anymore. I hope the same thing happens to banks. Finances should become independent of banks.

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