To secure a position as a cabin crew which is also called flight attendant, individual must
endeavor to build a strong personal brand that has emotional attachment from his/her target
audience-employer and the air travelers/passengers. Today we will discuss some of the major
stuffs that can enhance cabin crew differentiation.

ever before, this is a great and vital force
that can enhance a cabin crew’s personal
rating. There is enough danger associated
with air traveling; a negative personality
cannot be given any chance. Individual
must work so hard on his/her attitude.
Being positive beyond measure will give
your brand a great differentiation.

job bring you before people who come
from different spheres of life: the low and
high class, ability to relate with everyone
with a great sense of dignity will help
position your brand among your peers.
Sometimes the passenger will annoys
you; ability to always remain calm in
the face of provocation will build a lot of
credibility for your brand.

3. GOOD GROOMING: Ability to
carry yourself with great pride, a welllaundered
uniform, personal carriage,
confidence will go a long way to help
Brand You. Good grooming also speaks
of your speech, intonation, phonetic that
is exactly like the native speaker will help.
Even if you are not a native speaker,
consider a little investment in this regard
as it would pay a greater dividend. Being
approachable, enthusiastic will help
brand YOU.

4. BI-LINGUA: Ability to speak two
languages as an international flight
attendant will also give you a greater
edge. I do understand that as international
route cabin crew, you work for maximum
of four days a week, investing the two
days in learning new language will pay
you a great dividend.

5. ATHLETIC BUILD: most airlines
do not hire plump people, so a great
athletic build, shape will help your brand
retainership. Also realize that since you
are to ensure safety of the passengers in
case of any mishap, keeping fit will work
for you to perform your duty.

a smiling face, a friendly nature, a
cheerful face even in the face of distress,
uncertainties will help brand You in
this profession. You will always use
the weapon of patient, consideration,
etiquette. Because cabin crews are faces
of the airline, they must excel in this
skill. #The other points will be featured
in my soon to be released free e-book
and Personal Branding For First class


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