This week, I went for a bowling game with
my daughters. They had invited their friend
to join us. So we were a group of four
playing bowling in a very fine bowling place
in Brussels.
It was my first time to play bowling. I got
very basic instructions from my youngest
daughter-Miranda. She is good at the
game…. then we played. My first attempts
were awful, and some few throws took the
ball to the gutter. But after few attempts,
I figured out the trick for throwing the
bowling ball and hit many bowling pins at
And I took on the rest of the group hitting a
number of bowling pins every throw. Then I
was ahead of the group in points. Then my
daughters’ friend commented that “we are
playing for fun..we are not in competition”.
We finished the game when I was top
on the list having come from the lowest
ranking at the beginning of the game.
After the game, we grabbed drinks and
snacks. Then I drew their attention… I told
them that yes, we should have fun playing
the game. But the ultimate aim should be
I told them, that is how it is in real life and
in business. It’s ok to have fun in whatever
you choose to do. Love what you are doing,
like what you are doing, have passion for
what you are doing… other words, have
fun in what you are doing. But make no
mistake, having fun should not be the end
goal in itself. Having fun should be part of
the process. The end goal should be to be
your best at what you are doing, to be an
expert, to be a point of reference, to be
ahead of the pack….the end goal should be
to win! This is the mentality of winners…
the mentality of successful people…. the
mentality of happy people.
Wishing you a play-to-win mentality in
your day to day activities.

By Georges Katureebe
[email protected]

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