Given an outstanding degree of advocacy for good customer care that has been going on in Rwanda for a while now, one would be tempted to assume that all is going well; at least around Kigali city, in terms of good service, interest in customers along with a genuine warm welcome.

But that wasn’t the case at Mr. Chips branch near Inindi House, on the way to Remera and Kanombe. During my last visit for a quick lunch with my two American friends, a lady and gentleman, the lady who was receiving customers’ orders received a phone call as my mzungu customer friend started to place an order.

The attendant lady aged about 25 talked on her cell phone for about 3 minutes while we (4 other customers) waited for her to finish so we could place orders.

Once she was done with her caller, she unapologetically indicated to my America friend to continue with her order. Since I was the next customer in the line, I quickly showed her my choice on the menu and humbly told her with a forced smile to later apologize to customers for making them wait as she talked on her phone and to try and avoid it in future.

Other customers behind me nodded their heads in agreement with my admonishment to waitress and at least commended her for taking the criticism positively.

When she eventually brought our spicy selection, she shyfully apologized to all of to the three of us and thanked me for correcting her.

I have not visited the place again since a week ago, but I plan to that this week to eat by and to check how Mr. Chips’ goings on towards giving customers value.

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