The customer is always right concept is the foundation for most successful businesses. When a business deals with products or services it enjoys monopoly then a business can dominate the market despite poor customer service.

Customers have no option except to tolerate poor customer service hoping one day a competitor will come and they will have an option. You only give customers what you think they want just Ford did, “Any colour Model T, as long as it is black”

Your work as a business is to make sure that you are so good at what you do that the customer doesn’t tolerate you but celebrates you because of the kind of the service that you give.

Your customer service is so good that even if you have ten competitors they will still come to you because of the monopoly you enjoy in terms of customer satisfaction. That you get so good at the business that you do, that your customers says, “Any products or services you need as long as we buy from so and so…”

To succeed in business you need to be a game changer in your industry. You have to outgrow the daily challenges that you face in your industry.

Successful businesses of tomorrow are the ones that will

anticipate their challenges in advance and come up with products and services that will meet those needs. People will remember you for either of these two things, “Problems that you caused or the problems that you solved.”

In your line of business, you should have these three objectives; one is to become the best at satisfying the needs of your customers, second is to be very fast at solving all the complaints of your customers and learning from them so that you don’t repeat the same mistake and third at anticipating the future threats and opportunities for your business and coming with solutions ahead of your competitors.

It doesn’t matter how small the business you are starting is, what matters is that you have the vision of how big you want it to grow in the future.

The rule is always simple start small, learn fast, give your best but make sure you grow fast and keep your customers happy all the time. Happy customers who celebrate you will bring their friends who will bring their friends. You will save a lot of money with happy customers through word of mouth advertising.

Your customers will save you money for research if you only give them your ears; they will tell you what they like and what can be done better. Open your eyes and you will see what they see and give it to them.

The complaining customers will turn their complaints into compliments as far as they know you sincerely understand them and you are willing to make it better next time and any compliments they will tell their friends who in return will make your business successful.

Any time you want to complain about a customer remember rule number one, smile and serve the customer with all your heart.

The writer is a Customer Service & Sales Trainer:

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