At 23 years, Gilbert Rwabigwi is the President of the Youth Literacy Organisation (YouLI), a writer and social media enthusiast. He is currently pursuing his studies at the National University of Rwanda’s School of Journalism and Communication and is very passionate about nurturing his writing gift. Below are the excerpts

TSM: What role(s) do you play among the Rwandan youth?
Being among the leaders of a non-profit organisation aimed at advancing reading and writing to transform literacy and learning, I feel that my premier role is to inspire and advocate for the next generation of leaders so that we ensure a brighter future of our nation. I am also an active social media advocate, interested in education and expanding Rwanda’s voice across the globe.

TSM: Why is (are) the above role (s) important?
Literacy is vital to education and it is through YouLI’s (Youth Literacy Organisation) mission – to facilitate the youth to encounter opportunities to advance their reading, writing and creative skills –that I play a part in the development of my country.

Besides, I believe that the social media has speedily become such an essential facet and platform for Rwanda to tell her story to the world. Consequently, my work mainly involves building skills and aptitude with tools and applications required to make the most out of major social media platforms.

TSM: What is your biggest success story?
Being able to collaborate with friends, colleagues and mentors to establish a youth-led organisation to serve an important purpose — literacy development—is so far a success. Doing this made me realise how everything can be possible once you are both dedicated and committed towards achieving your visions, especially in a country where youth empowerment comes on top of the Government’s agenda.

TSM: And your biggest challenge?
I am not sure it’s the biggest one, but getting enough time for everything that matters to me seems more challenging these days.

TSM: What motivates you?
I am mostly motivated by my passion for education and a strong belief in change, besides the opportunities enabled by the current leadership of our country to empower the next generation of leaders.

TSM: What are your aspirations?
I aspire to inspire and make a positive impact in the Rwandan society by especially serving causes of national interest.

TSM: What is your take on service delivery in Rwanda especially in your field?
We are only improving – like never before – and quality education will ensure more progress in all other sectors.

TSM: What is your message to the Rwandan youth?
There are opportunities out there; open up your eyes and seize as much as you can. But it all starts from you.


Happiest when: “…I meet good friends and anyone to, particularly, discuss education, youth empowerment and any other issues affecting my country.”

Sad when: “…Not sure it happens often, but seeing a survivor not being taken care of hurts so bad inside.”

Favorite hangout spot: “…Bourbon coffee, KCT, from where I usually meet with friends and colleagues.”

Favorite Drink/ Dish: “…Anything healthy and chips – with a Coke and, occasionally, one and only one small Heineken.”

Dream Car: “…I am not sure I am so passionate about cars but if I had to, I would dream of the recent Mercedes-Benz, Concept GLA.”

Gadget or accessory you can’t do without: “… My phone; which gives me enough options to do whatever I could do to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues, and the world at large.”

Celebrity/ famous person since time begun: “…Craig David, my favourite singer of all time. He’s inspired me ever since I was a high school student and I have learnt a lot, especially from his song lyrics and his writing style.”

Most Inspired when: “…I see young Rwandans struggling to better their lives and contribute to the growth of our nation.”

Relationship status: “…I am proudly dating – one of the most beautiful and brilliant young ladies in town.


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