By Eva Gara
When we tolerate bad service we in essence are giving the service provider leave to continue in their bad ways. When we stand firm and insist on our rights then, believe it or not, service will improve.

A few days ago I helped a friend to get on motorbike because she did not speak a word of Kinyarwanda. After I stopped and gave the directions, I asked for the protective hairnets and the moto man looked at me like I was from Mars. I insisted we needed the net and he eventually said, in an exasperated tone that had run out of the nets. Yesterday the same thing happened. I told this friend that if it had been me, hell would have been let loose. Ok, not as dramatic that – but I would have waited for another moto with nets!

Good behavior is just like good customer care. When some people on the street shove and spit or show no respect for each other, it causes undue distress to the general public. These already unhappy people will transfer their frustration to their work places and the cycle will just continue.

I have come up with a few “Ifs” to awaken the Rwandan populace to stand together for good service, a happy people and a cleaner, healthier country. If a waiter was rude or showed bad service and we alerted the supervisor, believe me, he would think twice before he repeated that behaviour.

If a policeman asked you for a bribe and you said no and promptly called the chief with his ID number, it would be a good example to the others. If we all stood firm and refused to let those few unruly people get away with jumping queues at the banks, we would have orderly bank halls.

If we saw someone litter and told him off eventually this too would become history! If we stood firm against those who spit on the roads, and told them off, then we wouldn’t have to step in that phlegm and gag with disgust.

If we saw a man standing proudly peeing on the roadside and hooted or hissed at him, that unhygienic habit would stop. This list is not complete but the moral of the story is that we should not tolerate bad service, we should insist on what we know is right and stand firm. With time we will be not only one of the cleanest countries in the world but also one with great customer service and a society mindful of others.

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