TSM Conversations at High Tea

The ServiceMag’s commitment to improving customer service in Rwanda has continued to grow over the years.

In addition to producing an educative quarterly magazine that is distributed free to all major service providers, corporate offices and clients, TSM runs an active social media campaign that allows clients to voice their complaints and compliments to service providers on the service they receive.

As a result service providers are urged to improve as they hear from clients.

Additionally, TSM organises corporate events that bring clients and service providers together creating networking opportunities and offering yet more opportunities for clients and service providers to hear from each other.

On Tuesday 12th July 2017, TSM launched yet another product; Conversations at High Tea.

The first High Tea was held at the Kigali Marriott and brought together about 40 corporate officials. The objective of the High Tea is to bring service providers and clients together in a comfortable environment and a casual setting to discuss service.

Guests were requested to suggest topics they wanted to discuss and the following were among the eight topics discussed:

  • Role of education and training
  • How to impact teams
  • Why is service different whether one is a foreigner or not?
  • How can culture influence the level of service?”

Publisher and CEO of The ServiceMag Sandra IDOSSOU says:

Sitting in a small group to converse is another way of sharing experiences. In big groups, we are not able to hear everyone’s contribution. The topics that were not discussed during the Conversations at High Tea will be dealt with in upcoming publications. Besides, Rwanda produces some of the best tea and coffee, so it is also a good opportunity to sample some of the best products in town.

The High Tea provides a different setting to discuss a serious issue and breaks the monotony of workshops and trainings.

Hopefully, this will be an opportunity where service provides learn from each other; a stessfree feedback session and an encouragement for all to do better that will contribute further to improving customer service in Rwanda.

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