Against all odds, we have made it to our 6th anniversary. In December 2009 I was on vacation in Ghana and discovered a Human resources magazine. I read every single page and when I got back to Rwanda, I decided I would do the same with a focus on Customer Service.

I had been a trainer in this area for several years and I loved writing and had been contributing column in The New Times.

I even remembered I had written a Customer Care Handbook for the Private Sector Federation and the Rwanda Development Board. Well, what seemed to be an easy hobby became a full time job after I registered The ServiceMag as a company in July 2010.

Over the years, we have learned several aspects about the publishing business and have come a long way.

We have become a watchdog for improved service delivery in Rwanda. Our vibrant social media networks are used daily by thousands of people to raise awareness about the need for excellent service in both public and private institutions.

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