Cynthia is the Program Manger Rwanda Broadcasting Agency Youth Radio Station – Magic FM

Cynthia is the first born of three. She can hold a conversation with just about anyone and describes herself as a born-talker. My career chose me, she says. “Nine years ago, a friend called me and said I could do radio.

I laughed at him, but accepted to go and try. My first try was fine, and then I was asked to read an announcement, which was pretty disastrous.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. But it wasn’t enough to break me. I went back the following day, and it was way better.”

She loves radio because it gives people an opportunity to express themselves and discuss issues. She loves that she can develop programmes and get people talking and hooked to the programs. Her job gives her an opportunity to talk about life, touch listeners and influence changes in society.

It has not been without its challenges as Cynthia shares, “Initially, being a radio presenter wasn’t a very rewarding job in terms of revenue. You needed to like it, stick around despite the bad conditions, and then develop it. Not all of us made it in this business.”

What is a typical work day like for Cynthia? “I wake up at seven, I am in the car by 8, and get to office by 8:30 and start work. I usually get a cup of coffee around 3 in the afternoon. Based on the amount of work, my day at work can end between 5 and 8pm. I exercise 3 days a week, am usually home by 9pm. A quick shower and light dinner, read or watch a movie, then call it a night.

Cynthia’s words of wisdom to the youth, “Believe you can get anywhere you want to be. It just takes a great deal of discipline, passion and determination.”

For those seeking to pursue a career in radio, she advises; first make sure you love it enough. Be curious, and have a passion for story telling. She adds that one will need a lot of patience to make it in radio because it takes time for one to prove their worth. “You just need to DO IT”, she affirms.

When she is not working, Cynthia enjoys meeting friends over a cup of coffee. “I love Rwandan coffee,” she adds. “I never get tired of meeting people and hearing what they have to say. I travel whenever I have the opportunity. Traveling and seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, is the best teacher in the world.” She also watches TV a lot.

When are you happiest?

I am happiest when I am around the people i love, i love creating memories for them and with them.

What inspires you most?

Successful people who remain humble. I mean successful in all kind of ways, not necessarily money, but even with other achievements. It takes a great deal of character to be successful and remain humble.

What is your saddest moment? 

I do feel sad when something sad happens, but i do not sit and wait for it

Your favorite hangout spot?

I love coffee shops. They allow me to converse with people, and they give me positive energy.

Favorite drink/snack/dish?

I have just discovered an interesting cocktail, called Pio in one of the restaurants in Kigali but my favourite, is a good capuccino,  and the basic food is rice, vegetables and thick sauce.

What gadget can’t you possibly do without? 

I thought I could not do without my laptop and phone. But the reality is I totally can, I tried switching all of them off the other day for sometime and discovered I can but I need to have them close just in case.

Your dream car?

When I was 18 years old, I discovered a TIGUAN. It is a car that never got very popular,  but it is still on my bucket list.

 If you had one wish, which influential person would you like to meet?

I would want to talk with Christiane Amanpour. I think she has quite a number of stories to tell.

 Are you dating, single or married?

I am dating a very charming man!

 What is the most daring or craziest thing you’ve done ?

I think I am boring, or maybe I am just a good girl. I can’t think of anything thaaaat crazy I have done!

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