UMUTESI Jeanne d’Arc (56), also known by her friends as “Bisubizo” (loosely translated to mean ‘problem solver’), works as Customer Care Supervisor I&M Bank Kigali. She joined the bank’s Operations Department, then BCR in 2000. As a result of her skill handling customers, she was recommended to Customer Care in 2006.

For almost a decade now, Umutesi has joyfully served the bank’s customers; to say she loves it is an understatement, actually, she considers it second nature. In fact she believes that to be a good customer care service provider, one has got to have a friendly personality. She is passionate about seeing clients fully satisfied and enjoys solving their problems, answering queries and communicating with customers.

Umutesi starts her day in prayer; her love for God and communing with Him are so important to her, it takes first place. After taking care of her spiritual health, she then takes care of her physical health by exercising and then has breakfast. She is at the bank by 7.45am every day and starts off the day with a meeting with colleagues to plan for the day.

When the bank opens, she takes care of queries coming to her desk and also checks in on the banking hall to ensure that customers are directed to the services they require. And so the morning goes; after a short lunch break, she focuses on resolving issues raised by customers until the bank closes at 6pm. She then makes a report to her bosses (Customer Care Manager and Chief of Operations and Internal services). Umutesi leaves the bank at 8pm.

Part of her daily responsibilities include answering customer queries on account opening, cash deposits or withdrawals, renewing ATM and other Cards, PIN issues, cheque book requests, manual and electronic transfers, information on types of loans to mention but a few. Like any other banking job, the end of month and end of year are the busiest periods for Umutesi at work, dealing with numerous transfers and salaries.

Customer satisfaction is her main goal and this includes giving clients full information according to their requests by answering calls promptly, resolving counter queries immediately, and responding to written enquires as fast as possible. She would like to ensure that all customer complaints are handled to the customer’s satisfaction. Umutesi also considers customer input of vital importance and actively seeks to hear suggestions from customers on how they would like to be served better. In all dealings with customers, she aims to provide a friendly and helpful service.

Umutesi’s advice to any one desiring to join the customer service career is to make sure that they love dealing with people and enjoy serving. She believes that one’s personality determines whether they will do well in a service career or not. Secondly, she points out that one must be a very patient person.

As a widow, mother of 4 and grandmother of 3, Umutesi loves to spend time with her children and granddaughters. She also enjoys spending time with friends and loves music, dancing and exercising.

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