My Epic aerial experience on a chopper

I am an adventurous person and I love trying new experiences. Flying in a helicopter has always been on my bucket list but I had never got the chance or the time to do it. When I attended the Akagera Aviation partner appreciation event, I was very excited when I won a raffle ticket entitling me to a 30 minutes scenic tour over Kigali.

Recently, my friend Bea and I decided to take the tour. It was coordinated very well by a very nice gentleman called Danny who made us feel special, right from the welcome at the Kigali International Airport.

After a very smooth process with security and immigration checkpoints, we got on a luxury bus waiting just for the two of us on the tarmac. That was my first time on this beautifully designed luxurious VIP bus that took us to the helicopter.

We were welcomed on the chopper by a friendly and very professional Captain Toussaint who took time to reassure us on this first-time aerial tour. We were excited and a bit of anxious.

We then took off on the Robinson Helicopter and just allowed ourselves indulge in an amazing scenic tour around Kigali area to Bugesera, River Nyabarongo and then back to Kigali International Airport.

What a beauty! Flying over the rivers, lakes, villages and even the new Bugesera airport under construction was simply epic. One of the most spectacular ways to see Rwanda is from the air indeed. This thirty-minute helicopter ride above the land of a thousand hills gave us a bird’s eye view of the endless rolling green hills and pristine water banks. I was even lucky to film hippos in the river to show my son.

My friend Bea was overwhelmed and kept gasping,” Oh Rwanda is just so beautiful!” Indeed, we discovered the baroque beauty of Rwanda as we flew over.

If you love Rwanda and would like to see more of its beauty, take this aerial scenic tour. It is a Must do, truly a lifetime experience. Each trip costs $360 per charter with a maximum weight of 180kg. The helicopter has 3 seats.


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