In December 2009 I was on vacation in Ghana and discovered a Human resources magazine. I read every single page and when I got back to Rwanda, I decided I would do the same with a focus on Customer Service…. After all, I have been a trainer in this area for several years and my love for writing has made me contribute for two years every single week in the New Times business column…I even remembered I had written a Customer Care Handbook for the Private Sector Federation and the Rwanda Development Board.

Well, what seemed to be an easy hobby became a full time job after I registered The ServiceMag as a company in July 2010. Over the years, we have come a long way in learning several aspects of the publishing business.

Today, we have become a watchdog for improved service delivery in Rwanda. Our vibrant social media networks are used daily by thousands of people to raise awareness about the need for excellent service in both public and private institutions. Our business events draw major stakeholders in the service industry to share knowledge and network. Quality and our constant quest for Excellence in all we do are probably what make us stand out.

Over the years, we have been tempted several times to give up especially when we fail to get advertisers and sponsors for our free publication that has no other sources of revenue.

When we were forced to cancel this year our fourth Best Service Provider survey because of lack of sponsorship, several consumers offered to raise money by themselves for the research because they understood that service rating is an important aspect of improving service delivery. What a better vote of thanks could we expect?

Undeniably, our business model is a challenge because without sponsorships, no matter how educative and interesting the content of the magazine is; we are faced with the uncertainty of publishing. The frequent advice we get is to reduce on the quality of the printed magazine and probably only focus on an online publication.

But I am passionate about sharing knowledge and I know that the lifespan of a quality magazine is far longer than a quick glance on a smartphone. Today, we are are extremely happy to see people reading some of our first issues of six years ago.

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality once said Dalai Lama. Kindly help me thank here all our partners, contributors, readers, team members who have sticked by all against all odds. We are not there yet but we believe together, we can help raise the level of customer service in Rwanda and in the region.

Rwanda has made significant progress in many aspects and service delivery is one area that still needs a lot of work. We are optimistic about the future because rather than looking at the rear mirror, we rather want to look ahead and believe we will be there very soon. Believe that with me and let’s all work together for that objective.

Happy anniversary to us

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