One may ask, why authenticity? The simple answer is that most people say what others want to hear
rather than what they really feel. The reasons for this are many revolving around socialization. The
various layers of our conditioning vary from cultural, traditional, religious, educational to community,
tribal, racial and status.

When a person takes a journey to
themselves inwardly, this is the point to
ask oneself ‘why do I behave the way I
do?’ How many are willing to take the
time for this journey? Living life creates
certain priorities however with the many
distractions and even more external
obligations, the journey to the inner self
is a book collecting dust on many shelves.
I decided to start that journey many
decades ago. Caution, once you do begin
that journey, it is not possible to go back.
It has taken me through the twists and
turns within my mind that have surprised
and keep surprising me to no end. This
is not a journey for the feeble at heart,
or those who dance around compliments
from others or for those who are in
professional fields where lying is a trade.
This journey to oneself is about the
BIGGEST challenge you will ever take in
your life! What does being authentic really
mean? Genuine, accurate, dependable,
reliable, trustworthy, original are words
quoted in the thesaurus.
How many people can you count, on
one hand, who you know that fit this
Authenticity is not something one is
born with, it is a way of life that one
creates of their own choice. Much of our
world is made up of double standards,
putting others down, being negatively
selfish, greed, biases, painful experiences
and unexpressed emotions. When this
journey towards the BIG A begins, I
assure you that all those locked places
inside will start to open and saying one’s
truth becomes paramount.
The most important part of this path
is to ensure one sweeps out their
accumulations of the past, the buried
hurts and scars and the projections
of blame on others. The necessity to
take responsibility for one’s own life is
paramount to reaching clarity on the
meaning of life.
The trillion dollar question – what is the
meaning of life? Is it based on external
achievements, landmarks of proof,
bank balances or is it about finding
that peaceful space inside that no-one
or nothing can touch? Now that is the
question you need to ponder …

By Tazim Elkington
Tazim Elkington – The Indian Black
Paradigm Shifter, Trainer, Writer, Speaker,
Hypnotherapist, Poet and Qreator of the
‘Q Factor’
Checkout my website: –
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Mobile: +254-714-434-574

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