Over the last six months, I’ve been privileged to meet different CEOs and business managers in Kigali and discuss with them how to enhance their communication strategies and grow their brands. One thing that shocked me is the fact that the majority of them think that branding is an unnecessary expense for their companies and they would rather not venture into it.


Is branding an unnecessary expense?

Here are some points that are going to show you that it is an investment rather than an expense:


  1. Brands make it easy for customers to buy

Let’s take a simple example: Would you buy a black soft drink in an unlabeled transparent bottle thinking that it is a Coke? I believe your answer is a big NO. Our minds have recorded which shape, color and logo Coke has. Every company needs to invest in conquering the mind of the consumers.


  1. Brands allow businesses to charge high prices

Have you noticed that almost everyone who wants to buy Apple products doesn`t think twice, even though they are expensive? A majority of people including myself, agree that their products are worth their price just because of the way they brand themselves. Proper branding defines why your product is worth every penny that you charge.


  1. Brands speed up buying decisions

Assume that a local pair of shoes with brand X is the same price as a Nike pair of shoes. The majority of people will probably buy Nike without thinking twice, simply because people buy what they trust.Brands win our trust and our trust influences our buying decisions

So, Is branding an unnecessary expense? Of course not. Is it an investment? Certainly! Are you ready to join me in this exciting adventure of investing in branding? If you don’t know where and how to start, our team at Lange Technologiez is ready to give you a free consultation and guide your brand to perfection.


Didier Joyeux is the Founder of Lange Technologiez.

His passion is helping established and start up brands to conquer the hearts of their customers by offering creative marketing communication tips and advice.

[email protected]

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