ISCO at the forefront of career development and increased employee value

With the knowledge that career development is key towards company growth, Rwanda’s leading Security Company, ISCO – Intersec Security is at the forefront of developing individual staff career and increasing their value every day.

With the recent introduction of new services such as cash processing, logistics (courier, transport and warehousing) preceding the move to new headquarters in Kigali’s Gikondo suburb, it is clear that ISCO is intentional about expanding employment opportunities. They are playing a vital role in bridging the unemployment gap, developing their skills and providing them with favorable working environment in order to grow as a company.

As testament to this, The ServiceMag met with Rogers Mugerwa, now a Client Systems Administrator at ISCO, who shared his inspiring story of how he started as a guard in the institution more than five years ago to where he is today, in the sales and marketing department.

Below are the excerpts.

QN: When did you join ISCO and how has your journey been with the company?

I joined ISCO in April 2010 when it was still branded Intersec Security.

When I first joined, I had applied for a white collar job since I was a graduate from University with a bachelors in Project Planning and Management, but no vacancy was available so I joined the intake program as a guard.

I went through a one-month training course after which I was deployed as a security guard at the Ugandan High Commission in Nyarutarama, Kigali.

QN: For how long were you a guard and how were you promoted?

For nine months I worked as a guard.  I then approached the then marketing and human resource managers who, based on my qualifications and good performance gave me an opportunity.

They then transferred me to be part of the investigation office as an investigation staff. That is when I stepped up the ladder to work in an office. Many of my colleagues that were formerly Guards have been promoted to various serving capacities and grown in their careers.

QN: With this new role, what were your duties and responsibilities?

My duty was to make reports because, then, we had clients who were not happy with investigation reports that were in Kinyarwanda.

Field agents brought in investigation findings, mainly photographs, that I would then narrate and translate. Sometimes I would go to the field myself and make an investigation report. After a short while, I was made acting head of the investigation unit.

QN: So how did you end up in the sales and marketing department?

When I was promoted to lead the investigation unit, It became obvious that ISCO promoted carrer growth strongly and opportunities were available as long as one was willing to rise to the occasion. I felt I could do more.

I went to the sales and marketing department and observed their quotations, tenders and then approached the marketing manager with a proposal.

He was very impressed with it and I was later admitted as a sales and marketing executive while at the same time kept my post in the investigations unit.

I requested that I remain in the marketing department permanently which was granted. My core duties were only two from then on; handling all tenders and helping in preparation of contracts.

QN: How do you find working in ISCO as regards growing in your career?

Selling security services in Rwanda is as difficult as selling insurance services. In fact, those are the two most difficult services to sell in my opinion because many don’t see their relevance. This make marketing our business very challenging. Luckily we have a strong team and committed leaders that tirelessly and consistently always seek ways to give the ISCO employee and customer a great experience.

QN: Over the past 6 years you have been in the company, how have you seen ISCO progress?

The company has progressively improved both financially, administratively and in service delivery. When I joined the company, there were some clients that had previously worked with Intersec before I joined and they had ended their contracts on a very low note.

The company concentrated on guarding services more and wasn’t fully committed but had some setbacks professionally. Since then, the management has changed and so has the commitment and willingness to serve at a higher standard. This has slowly begun to have an impact on our public perception.

Earlier, we sold only guarding and hi-tech services.  Guarding included armed and unarmed guards. Currently we have expanded to offer reception officers and supervisors, VIP escort services and corporate guard services.

As for the hi-tech section, we now offer Internet enabled IP cameras that can be configured to your telephone handset. At a click of a button on your phone you can see your office/warehouse/home or equipment surrounding.

In addition to that, there is a new service known as Cash processing. Cash-in-Transit began in 2013, courier and logistics services that started last year and cash processing which we have recently began. We are the first and only private company offering this new service in Rwanda. We process cash and ready it for the central bank and also offer vault services.

As you can see, today we have a combination of more services compared to the initial two to more than five currently. Even the staff number has increased to nearly 6000 employees, as employment opportunities have expanded.

QN: Talking about staff, how is ISCO a place for someone to grow in their career?

Let me begin with myself. This is the biggest organization I have ever worked for. I have seen a lot of changes that I never expected and this has given me more motivation that if you concentrate and give all your energy to this company, you benefit a lot.

As I talk now, I have benefited a lot in terms of training in sales and marketing, and experience. I have seen many come here as interns and grow to serve in higher capacities in the company.

Even under guarding services, there are some university graduate intakes working well knowing that one day they will be promoted. And they will.

QN: What is your advice to all the youths out there who after university expect white-collar jobs?

Just like I did, I would advise them to just put their pride on the side and do whatever job they get because it is where they will get experience and land better opportunities.

Otherwise, if they have the capacity to venture into entrepreneurship, they could invest and start doing business rather than looking for jobs endlessly.

Currently there are very many opportunities at ISCO and regardless of where you start, If you are productive, you will definitely get the white-collar job. I am a testimony to that.

 ISCO at the forefront of career development

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