We often talk about service delivery for purposes of efficiency
and customer satisfaction, my residential area (Samuduha
Kanombe) has been without running water in anyone’s house
for a couple of months now. This is not only a threat to the area
residents but also to the country since as we all know, poor
hygiene can cause serious epidemics that might put a country
in a crisis.
I have tried to make a call (social media) to the responsible
organ Wasac Rwanda for the last full month but all I keep
getting are (usual civil servant slogans “kindly bear with us as
we handle this matter”).
Now a jerrican of water costs 500frw with transport and labor
As a responsible citizen,
I’m concerned by the way we prioritize basic needs as a country.
Water is as basic as oxygen.
My call is still fresh and valid until something is done about
this crisis.
I was given a contact via Twitter and the gentleman only picked
up my call once and after recognizing my number he has never
picked up my calls again.
I am appealing to concerned organs like Primature Rwanda,
Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure, MOH, Minisante and any
other like Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority – RURA to pay
attention to this issue.






This goes out to the management of Radisson Park Inn and
everybody who needs to know. There is a scheme going on at
the night parking with the ISCO security team in collaboration
with the security manager of the hotel. During the party last
Friday night my driver was detained for alleged theft and only
because he moved our car 3 times. During this period a theft
happened where a small bag was removed from a Range Rover
Vogue and left under another car a bit further away. We spent
2 hours hearing arguments from all sides, in my opinion, the
matter could have easily been resolved by checking the security
camera footage that had been recorded. I find it highly unlikely
that access to a Range Rover Vogue can be obtained that easily
by anyone. We have an interest to know if indeed our driver
did commit the theft and must therefore dismiss him from his
employment with the company. If however he is not guilty, the
culprit must be apprehended no matter who it was and let
the hotel management manage the parking better in future.
My interest is only to get clarifications. So far I have been told
by the security manager JEAN CLAUDE RUKEMAMPUNZI that
it is not possible to see the footage or get an extract of the
same for “security reasons”. So the case has been left hanging
hoping that it will go away slowly. This raises suspicion if there
is something to hide from the “public” and cannot be revealed
to protect certain individuals.
Kindly note that I will not let this go until I have the evidence
that is needed to clarify this case.






Dear Simba,
This being month end, and having made it through the first half
of 2017 I decided to spoil myself with a 36 gram packet of your
flavourful smoked beef chips. This in itself is a rare occasion as
you know we all try to lose a few kilos over the winter months
so was willing to sacrifice for a worthy cause.
As I was purchasing the forbidden merchandise, my mouth
watered in anticipation. I was literally salivating. I popped the
flavourful bag and smokey aromas tickled my nostrils and I
was in heaven. I was about to Roarrrr with flavour but I was
extremely disappointed.
Now Simba, you and I have been friends for many years and
as with all friends we need to be honest. I fail to understand
why you would only give me 13 chips, yes you heard me, 13!
The worst part is that I don’t think these chips even wanted
to be Simba chippies since they are so small and are probably
still crying for their mothers. I am now sitting with an awful
dilemma as I don’t know what the significance of 13 chips is.
Are you secretly trying to put me on a diet? Should I only eat
one chip a month… you know … due to the recession and all,
should I eat 2 chips a month and spoil myself with the last 3
chips in December, you know, festive season and all… please
tell me what these lonely 13 chips mean.
Now Simba, I’m not one to complain but since you are the selfproclaimed
King of Snacks, I’m sure this is not how you want
me to remember our friendship.
As Point # 2 of your 6 Guiding Principles state, you will not sell
something you are not proud of, I’m sure you don’t want the
image of these 13 lonely motherless infant chippies forever in
my mind.
Kind Regards



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