Does STAR MEDIA care to satisfy clients? Are they happy with the way they work or is it a strategy to swindle people? After paying for a monthly package, I spent the month complaining to them that I did not get the package I had paid for but received no response from them. All they seem to care for is the monthly pay.

Ingabire Nellie


I have been receiving unnecessary messages on my Airtel line through a code 325, I find it disturbing and it keeps deducting my credit. Airtel please help me unsubscribe, the notifications are inconveniencing me.

Alex M Gasana


I was very disappointed when I took my child to play at T2000 Monaco place. The rules of the playground are that both children and parents should take off their shoes before entering. We left our shoes behind only to find mine stolen. I left without shoes but thankfully I had a car downstairs. All the manager could say was …we will inform you in case someone returns them. All my other plans for the day were messed up. I can’t believe one can’t go an extra mile to keep a customer. What a shame! With such rules, they must put in place more secure storage facilities just like supermarkets.

Keisha Edx


I wonder if anyone else has had the same experience with MTN Rwandacell. I loaded 20.000 Rwf credit and by the next day I was left with 86 Rwf without making any calls. This is unbelievably crazy and it is more than ripping off . Please kindly make sure you check your consumption on air time.

Salim Abdulgani


There is this Sacco near Matutina-Kabeza-Remera below the market and Kaizen. It is a nightmare! I was advised to apply for a water tank which I did (although with difficulties imposed by that Sacco). I submitted the complete dossier close to 3 months ago. Whenever I check on it I am given the excuse that they are still processing …I don’t know what!! I am told they do this all the time until people give up.

Neza Nelly


Unfair advertising includes but is not limited to texting non-informative, untrue and unconsented sms to subscribers by mobile telecom operators. These automated messages sent by local companies have been disturbing mobile users for some time. Normally, if a company needs to advertise some of its products it can use ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ mechanisms to avoid disturbing customers/users who do not want to receive the ads and to let other make the informed choices. Moreover, the sms are too many and users take their time to check and delete.

Protogène Dusabe

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