Finding fulfillment, creatively, spiritually and economically is a dynamic way of creating social change in today’s youth culture. Olivier Ngobyiyumuco Habiyaremye (27)carries the ability to mobilize, attract and retain his creative talent in a way that inspires other Rwandan youth.

He is an entrepreneur, artist, producer, sound engineer, motion, graphics and picture editor and animator. Currently working at Christian Life Assembly, he also manages a company called H264 + Waves.

Coming from a scientific and diverse educational background in Bio-Chemistry in high school, he earned a B.A in Environmental Chemistry and  plays the piano, guitars, drums and violin.

The ServiceMag (TSM) caught up with Olivier to expound on how he has learned to combine his diverse technical, media and musical skills to accomplish his life’s goals.

TSM: What role do you play in order to influence change within your community?

OLIVIER: Since I hold a leadership role both at my company and church, I always try to teach and mentor other youth who can take over and do what I do.

TSM: Why is mentorship important to you?

OLIVIER: I believe every leader should have someone who can keep the organization’s vision and mission going for the greater good. If things fall apart when a leader is gone, it means he did not do a good job. Even Einstein learnt from someone and yet he was the great scientist.

TSM: What do you consider the biggest challenge in your field?

OLIVIER: Making people understand the amount of time it takes to edit, create video and photo graphics. For example, a lot of people I meet think that making a five minute video will take you five minutes to shoot footage or five minutes to edit the raw content. It often takes me about two hours to set up and may be a day or two to edit. But we learn from the challenges.

TSM: What is your biggest success story?

OLIVIER: One of my recent projects was a live recording of a band. We invested everything we had and I was shocked at how the record turned out, not just amazing, actually it came out real good. We had never done this before and yet it was an accomplishment.

TSM: What motivates you to do what you do?

OLIVIER: When people tell me or even insinuate that, ‘I cannot do it’. That statement always motivates me to actually do it.

TSM: What are your aspirations?

OLIVIER: I want to make H264 + Waves successful and mentor young people.

TSM: What is your take on service delivery in Rwanda?

OLIVIER: It has improved but we still have a long way to go. I recently went to a restaurant and wanted a drink, they gave me a menu, I ordered for a cold Coke and the waiter went and came back and said, ‘we don’t have a Coke’, I ordered a Sprite, he went back came back and said, ‘we don’t have Sprite’. I asked for what they had and he said, ‘only Fiestas’. I wonder, why he did not just say that in the beginning.

TSM: What is your message for the Rwandan youth?

OLIVIER: Study hard, learn a skill, be open minded and create jobs for yourself and others and you’ll be successful.


When are you happiest?

“When I see someone else happy and fulfilled.”

What inspires you the most?

“I am inspired when I read other people’s success stories that are in my field of work. I tell myself  ‘I can Do it’.

What makes you sad? “Injustice in any form.”

Your favorite hangout spot when in Rwanda?

“RZ Manna, And Neo coffee shop”

Favorite drink/ snack/ dish?

“My favorite drink is Coffee, White Mocha, Cold Orange juice mixed with sprite and ice. My snack is Salt and Vinegar Pringles and best dish is any Italian cuisine especially pasta.

What gadget can’t you possibly do without? “

My Grestch Guitar.”

Your Dream Car?

“Any Range Rover car, particularly The Defender model.

If you had one wish, which

celebrity, famous or influential person would you like to meet in person?

“Eddie Kramer, Award winning sound Engeneer. the Mix Masters”

Are you dating, single or married?


What’s the most daring or craziest thing you’ve done?

“When I was 15 years old, my friend dared me to drink 10 one-liter cups full of water at once. I did it too and the end result wasn’t pleasing… can imagine.”

Contact: [email protected], Twitter: @GloriaIribagiza

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