Visionary people, don’t fight defensive
wars…they fight offensive wars!

Visionary people anticipate situations way before they
occur and act ahead of time….they are never caught
unaware. Even when they are caught by surprise, the
shock is not as immense as those who did not try to
anticipate anyway.
Those who anticipate the future do things differently
from those who don’t think so much about the future….
think about it.. if you think seriously about the fact that
at one time you will get old and retire, you should not
waste your money when you are younger…you should
save as much as you can…you should invest your money
as much as you can for the rainy day when you have
When you know that at one time the job you have may
go, you should learn to have plan B. When I was still
employed, I used to make a joke to my colleagues that
I update my handover report every end of week…in
anticipation that at one time I will wake up and find
myself with no job. And trust me, one morning, I woke
up and I had no job.
I was not shocked. I anticipated it, I established for a
long time contingency plans..I knew at one time it would
happen. It was not a matter of if, it was a matter of
In life we battle lots of things.. it can be a struggle…
we have to push back certain things, sometimes lots of
things… we fight…
Successful people don’t fight life’s wars only when those
wars occur. They anticipate those wars, they prepare,
they strategize.. they don’t fight defensive wars, they
fight offensive wars!

By Georges Katureebe
[email protected]

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