The Service Mag is an educational magazine targeted at people in the service industry; both in the private and public sectors. It is a quarterly free magazine written in simple English with specific articles in French and Kinyarwanda. It is no secret to anyone that customer service still remains a big issue of concern in many organizations whether small or big even though customer service is the lifeblood of any thriving business.

It’s proven that it costs five times to have a new customer than to keep the satisfaction and loyalty of an existing customer. This is a fact. If service providers improve on their systems and their ways of treating their customers, they will see a real positive impact on their bottom line.

As customers and even as business owners; should we just sit and complain? Should we continue to murmur about the lack of skills of service people? Should we comfort ourselves into thinking that good service is not possible in our country? Are we just waiting for a miracle to happen? Should we continue thinking that service improvement is a sole responsibility of government?

Service is all about dealing with customers. It boils down to the attitude of the staff. We all know that the state of professionalism of people in the service industry in most countries is just undergoing development. The skills gap is so high that business owners just employ anyone they find who fits even just half the bill.

The whole idea of doing an educative magazine, The Service Mag, started with the numerous feedback and comments we receive after our weekly Monday articles in The New Times.

As a trainer, I often see the excitement on the faces of participants after attending training. They get rejuvenated; they seem new; they understand better what is expected of them now.

The editorial content covers a wide range of topics, from human resources to Grooming, Personal Development, from regular columns giving practical advice to in-depth features on matters that affect customers’ experiences and satisfaction.

In March 2010; the First edition was launched at the Serena hotel and drown more than 400 people at the launch with the presence of CEO’s and dignitaries.

The team of The Service Mag (Contributors; writers, photographers; Cartoonists, Designers; Art Directors; editors) is drawn from 11 different nationalities. This makes the magazine a very open and international magazine with a focus on the Rwandan and African culture.

Paper and print quality is never compromised. Our writing, photography, design and layout meet international standards. The Service Mag is printed in full-color throughout, on 100 gsm art gloss, with the cover printed on 170 gsm UV varnished art gloss, and perfect bound.

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