I met Emmanuel last time at this bank and complained about the fact that I was not receiving my
bank statements. Just like the staff, I had in the past complained to, Emmanuel told me that he
will personally take care of this issue. Of course I didn’t believe him.

My surprise came in when in the evening; he called me to
inform me that he will continue the next day to solve my
issue. I was very impressed by his call and quiet amazed
to receive the next day all my bank statements via my
Service staff have an important role as they represent the
image of their company. When a customer deals with a
staff, he is dealing with the whole institution.
Often service people are the “company” in the eyes of the
Every company needs a good image and reputation that
can only be achieved through the professionalism of its
staff; both contact and supporting staff.
Front line people need to understand that they bear the
entire image of their company on their shoulders.
They should be empowered in becoming more effective
in assisting clients.
Here are some few tips to help you give a good image of
your company to your customers.
1. Leave your problems at home before
coming to work.
Customer service is all about delivering exquisite service
to customers while they are at our shops. If service people
come to work with their personal issues, they will not be
able to play the role they are supposed to play.
Everyone goes through personal issues of some sort and
it can be difficult to concentrate on one’s job. For this

reason, it is essential to keep personal problems
to at the entrance of the company.
When you are at work, focus only on that work.
Separate your personal matters to your work. Do
not allow them to jeopardize your position in the
work place.
2. Do what you say you will do.
Even though your personal promises are from you
to the customer, the results reflect on the entire
Customers know that if they can trust a company’s
representative (Emmanuel for instance in my
experience), then they can trust the whole
company (Ecobank).
Know and respect the promises that are written
on your company brochures, websites and other
advertising tools. If your company advertises that
you are a 4 star hotel, you need to be able to
portray that in the way you handle the customer.
Be honest with your customers. Let your word be
a commitment. Avoid making empty assurances
and unrealistic promises no matter how small
they are.
There is a Hebrew proverb that says that “Promise
little and do much” and Denis Waitley also says
that “Losers make promises they often break.
Winners make commitments they always keep”.
3. Show concern to your Customers.
Clients just want immediate answers or at least
helpful information when they want it. Contact
staffs actions, attitudes, communication skills;
behaviors should really “sell” the company’s image
to customers. Their approaches should show
They should show empathy because it is an
important component of Customer Service.
When they show concern about what matters to
customers, they will then be able to offer the exact
services that will satisfy them and make them
become loyal to their businesses.
As a frontline staff, remember that you have
an important role as an ambassador of your
company. The good image and reputation of your
company lies in your hands. When you are talking
to a customer, note that you are talking on behalf
of all your colleagues. So be responsible.
“As far as customers are concerned you are the
company. This is not a burden, but the core of
your job. You hold in your hands the power to keep
customers coming back – perhaps even to make or
break the company.”.

By Sandra Idossou
[email protected]

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