Business, and sometimes life is mostly about selling…I never thought so. I wish I knew this earlier in
life. Before I discovered I was a sales person, I had been doing it by default. Now I know I am a sales
person, whether I like it or not. I regret that I did not know this this earlier in life. Things would be different.

Every day I wake up and step out of
my house, I start selling immediately. I
sell my services, my skills, products, my
grooming, my mannerisms, my speech,
my posture….. I sell everything about
myself. Some people like what I do,
others don’t. Some people like how I
talk, others don’t. Some people like how I
dress, others don’t. Some people like my
body posture, others don’t….
Whatever you sell, you may not win
100% of the targeted customers….and
it’s ok. But you keep selling.
I always find myself telling people what I
do… convincing them how what I do can
create value to their business. Now that
is selling my services. Then I sell myself
too. I want potential clients to like me… I
want potential clients to trust me…I want
them to believe in me….
So you have to keep selling… to me
this means adding value to people
continuously. In my advisory and
consulting business, I have a client I have
known for the last 17 years… then one I
have known for the last 10 years. 70% of
my repeat clients, I have known for more
than 5 years. These clients are happy to
do business with me again and again.
They often invite me for social gettogethers
and we talk about the good
times…they have become more than
clients…they have become my friends.
When you sell yourself, you want people,
clients, and customers to like you. When
you are selling a product, you want
consumers to love it. When you are
selling a service, you want clients to be
happy with it. And selling is not only
about you selling to the world outside,
it is done even at intimate levels, at
personal and family levels. A man in
the family must sell himself as a good
husband and a good father. The woman
in the house must sell herself as a good
wife and mother. The children must sell
themselves as good children to their
parents. It can be disappointing to be
stuck with a product, a service, or a
person especially when there are better
alternatives. Whatever you sell, make
sure the targeted clients like it and love
it, then you will be in business.


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